U2 Drops New Song and Short Film

Features Woody Harrelson

Music Mix Daily Staff

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U2 recently released a short film for their new single, “Song for Someone and it features not only Woody Harrelson, but his daughter Zoe too. “Song for Someone,” from U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, sets the scene of an awkward and painful father-daughter story.

The film was directed by Vincent Haycock, who you might know from his work with Paul McCartney and Lana Del Rey. The clip follows a prison inmate, played by Harrelson, through his release process after a long stint in the penitentiary. In the end, Harrelson is reunited with his teenage daughter who drives him from the prison to his new life.


The nearly 8 minute video does more than just feature the new single. The video begins with the sounds associated with daily prison life, which are both routine and at the same time heartbreakingly silent. This gives us a glimpse into the to-be-released convict’s life. Soon after, the song begins, but the sounds of Harrelson preparing for his discharge continue to be filtered through, reminding us that this is more than just a music video.

With U2 frontman, Bono, breaking into full force just as the inmate’s cuffs are removed, the song then weaves through quiet and strong moments, with complementary moments captured by Haycock in the video. The song cuts out completely as the inmate walks free from the prison towards his daughter, and a short, uncomfortable dialogue is heard.

The song itself was originally based on the television series Rectify, which follows one ex-Death Row inmate, Daniel Holden, and his family members as they struggle through the difficulties of ‘normal’ life. U2 made a public statement regarding the short film in which the band thanks Haycock and the Harrelson duo for not only complementing their song, but “completing” it, too.

The video does an excellent job of detailing the painful process of leaving prison for both family members and newly-freed person.

Song for Someone is the third single from U2’s Songs of Innocence. The band is currently on tour with the 2014 album. So far, “Song for Someone” has been performed every night of their tour.


Tour info can be found at www.U2.com