Who are you hoping collects the most Moonmen at Sunday’s VMAs in Madison Square Garden? To celebrate the upcoming awards show, we’re presenting 5 of the most out of control moments in VMA history! Here you go…

1. Nine years before Kanye West rushed the stage and interrupted Taylor Swift during a 2009 acceptance speech, there was Tim Commerford – bassist for Rage Against the Machine. Commerford was so upset that Rage Against the Machine had lost the Best Rock Video Award to Limp Bizkit, that he scaled and then tried to knock down the set props behind Fred Durst while he was giving his acceptance speech. Cops had to remove Commerford from the stage, and he was arrested afterwards!



2. After the video for “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. won a Best Director award, Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch was not too pleased. He rushed the stage as his alter ego Nathanial Hornblower, grabbed the microphone, and insinuated that Spike Jonze, who directed the Beastie Boys video for “Sabotage” should have won.



3. Tim Commerford and Adam Yauch may have been a bit out of control… but not as out of control as Krist Novoselic’s guitar! While Nirvana was performing “Lithium” way back at the 1992 VMAs, Novoselic decided to toss his guitar into the air. Instead of catching it, however, it landed on his head causing him to stumble off the stage!




4. Natia “Lil Mama” Kirkland had one major hit back in 2007 called “Lip Gloss”, and wan’t nominated for any VMAs in 2009. However, that didn’t stop her from jumping on stage during Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ performance of “Empire State of Mind” at the 2009 VMAs. Jay-Z tried his hardest to ignore her!



5. And of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without the Kanye West / Taylor Swift incident!