Zayn’s Mind of Mine Slowly Leaking to Press

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Zayn is on a roll. Best known for his time spent with boy band One Direction,  English singer/songwriter Zayn has been playing up to the press these days with promises of an incredible new album and slow releases of teasers in the form of different tracks from the compilation itself. With the X Factor making him famous and supermodel Gigi Hadid on his arm, it appears that 23 year old Zayn is out to conquer the world, and that includes doing some raunchy remixes with Chris Brown and Usher, alongside his own records. He even appeared with the lovely Gigi Hadid in his latest song, “Pillowtalk” which he performed along with his second track called “It’s You” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

The first solo album of Zayn’s career is called Mind of Mine and features an image that has been found to be somewhat controversial,  since it resembles Lil’ Wayne’s album with the child covered in tattoos.  Since it is Zayn’s own childhood picture, it only adds to the intrigue. (don’t worry, the tats are photoshopped) There is also a teaser of a third song from the producers, just a short snippet of the new track, and you get where this is going….. A lot of fun speculation!  From the hashtags, we can only presume it will be called “Drunk All Summer” with lyrics that include late nights, red eyes and amnesia. That sounds about right, actually.

**Zayn also released a remixed version of “Pillowtalk” just yesterday that features Lil’ Wayne.  This puts the who cover art controversy  in perspective : )




Zayn certainly has his own style and his teaser videos prove it.  After a year of controversy over the split with his band mates, this former One Directioner looks to have made the right decision as “Pillowtalk” quickly became a hit single and climbed the Billboard charts to the number one spot in seven countries including the UK and US!

Mind of Mine will see its release March 25 on RCA records, marking the anniversary of his leaving his One Direction and starting fresh. In terms of sentimentality, we’d say that tops the charts all right!