Sam Bush’s ‘Storyman’ First Album in Seven Years!

Sam Bush


American inside and out, Sam Bush has tapped into musical tradition with his forthcoming album, the first in over seven years. Storyman is set to make us fall in love with the Newgrass style originator all over again on June 24th, when the singer/songwriter, a bluegrass mandolin player, presents us with a compilation of incredible music like never before. The album will be available through Sugar Hill Records. Currently on tour already, Bush has is booked solid until the end of July.

At the young age of 64, the man known for bluegrass, newgrass and everything progressive has been in the world of music since 1969. That may seem like an awful long time, but the legend shows no signs of stopping and we are not quite ready to see him retire yet. With enough distinctions and awards to last him a lifetime, his greatest achievement seems to be the fact that his birthplace of Bowling Green has also been officially dubbed, with legislation passed to that effect, as the “Birthplace of Newgrass.”

When it comes to Sam Bush and his albums, he seems to like leaving years in between releases, with eight solo albums released to date, the first in 1985 and the last in 2009. This will be his ninth album, hopefully to rank at the top of the charts for Bluegrass music as the last few have. This one seems to be a lovely combination of jazz, folk, blues, reggae, country swing, and bluegrass, the combination of which can only be classified as the “Sam Bush Sound” no matter which way you look at it. Every single song has been co-written by Bush himself, with many friends coming into play as well, including the late Guy Clark, the lovely Emmylou Harris, Jon Randall Stewart, Jeff Black, Stephen Mougin, and others.

Why Storyman? Since each album is very different from the last, it comes as no surprise that this would actually include the reworked versions of the stories from some of the best songsmiths of our time. “It’s still important to me that all of the songs fit together on an album,” Bush says. “I’m well aware that people buy individual tracks digitally, and that’s good. But I still think of it as an album––a body of work.” Yeah, that’s how we feel as well!

The full track list includes:

“Transcendental Meditation Blues”
“Play By Your Own Rules”
“Everything Is Possible” (w/ Deborah Holland)
“Lefty’s Song” (w/ Alison Krauss)
“Carcinoma Blues”
“Bowling Green”
“Handmics Killed Country Music” (w/ Emmylou Harris)
“Where’s My Love”
“It’s Not What You Think”
“I Just Wanna Feel Something”