Kenney Chesney’s New Album Features a Duet with Pink!

kenny chesney 1

Kenny Chesney’s new album that has been postponed until October 28th has been revealed to be featuring a duet by the well-loved  POP artist Pink. The song called “Setting the World on Fire” will be included in the album that has been delayed to ensure that the final product is complete. Some Town Somewhere was to have been released earlier, but the fact that we will be hearing Pink’s voice in the mix almost makes up for  the delay. According to Chesney, the “duet was worth waiting for.” He could have left everything on schedule, but when you have something you know is just right, it’s best to allow for honing to make sure everything is perfect.

Kenney Chesney has been known for working with female singing partners, including Grace Potter whose voice we hear in some of his chart-topping songs. This time it is Pink joining in to create spectacular music that is hailed as a “song of being.” Since both singers have a history of successful collaborations, it makes sense that this time again it will be great. “The thing about Pink, beyond what a great singer she is, is what a generous spirit she has,” Chesney adds. “To me, great singers are the ones who can get inside a song and capture the spark. When you hear Pink on this song, you believe her — and to me, that’s everything the song required to come to life.” The friendship between the two  artists is one of mutual respect, where Pink is seen as an incredible singer with a voice that “holds so many feelings all at the same time: joy, desire, a bit of toughness, a little hurt.” That just sounds incredible and combined with the beauty of Chesney’s own voice we can image the upcoming duet to be a smash hit.