The Chainsmokers New Track Features Emily Warren




The Chainsmokers,  DJ Duo Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, have brought us many an awesome track, even performing in the Top 20s in several countries back in 2014 with their “#Selfie” single that reached the number 16 spot on the US Billboard charts. Active on social media, this popular duo with the sometimes controversial name, has quite the impressive fan base.With multiple collaborations under their belt, the guys bring us a rather lovely new track where there is no major female lead, instead featuring a female voice that had gone uncredited until it was found to be Emily Warren. She’s a 24-year old beauty who has brought to us the Grammy nominated masterpiece of “Don’t Let Me Down” already, building up a great relationship with The Chainsmokers. The new track is aptly named “Paris” and gives us the feel of a rebellious summer vacation. Warren may not have written on “Paris” but she certainly enjoyed working on it as the little something to add icing to the cake. It was just the background that was needed and that’s what she gave the piece. We’re pretty sure fans everywhere approve of the choice The Chainsmokers made in calling her in. Her talent certainly shines through!

Why wasn’t Emily Warren Credited for her part in the “Paris” single? “I think that their reasoning was that they wanted it to be a Chainsmokers thing and not featuring anyone. Drew did most of the singing and is doing a lot more singing now. And since it’s not a proper duet, the vocal is meant to be more of an effect than an actual part. And there’s other stuff I’m doing with them that I’m singing on, so I think in terms of what’s coming out, they didn’t want to do a lot of features.” Totally understandable. The mystery only added to the attraction of the piece as it is. All in all, it definitely receives a thumbs up.