30 Seconds To Mars  – Quincy, Washington

By Courtney Lehey

Last night three different styles of music rocked it at the Gorge in a harmonious wave of passion. These guys were certainly ready for  the show and went all out  for the fans who blanketed the hills of the Gorge.

Amongst the the bands, 30 Seconds To Mars was my favorite and they rocked the night and really put on a great show!

I hadn’t listened to 30 Seconds To Mars for a while, but as soon as the band walked out and Jared Leto started singing, with his amazing voice, I was instantly brought back to the good old days when everything was simpler. Jared Leto was quite the performer! He was jumping into the crowd and climbing the fences to sing in the middle of everyone. Leto called out to the crowd and pulled people onstage to sing with him. I loved how he gave it his all and really interacted with the crowd to make his fans happy. You can tell there is passion in what he does and it is not just a paycheck.  I would seriously recommend you see 30 Seconds To Mars if you get the chance, it was truly amazing!

Check out their new music, including the new single Do or Die from the LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS album on www.iTunes.com and for more tour and band info check out www.thirtysecondstomars.com