5 of the Funniest Moments from the CMA Music Fest

Music Mix Daily Staff


The 2015 CMA Music Festival was full of incredible musical performances and touching experiences. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t also get a good laugh in once in a while. So, let’s take a look at the comedic gems from the Fest:

When Luke Bryan got smoked!

Luke Bryan got smoked 2 Luke Bryan got smoked 4 Luke Bryan got smoked 5




Literally. The singer reminded us all of the Princess Bride’s FireSwamp when he legit got stuck in a blast from a smoke machine. He pulled it off well, going the ‘let’s pretend nothing happened’ route. You can watch the unexpected event unfold here:


Any time Brad and Keith shared the stage

Keith Urban and Brad Paisley


Keith Urban and Brad Paisley had the honor of presenting the CMA International Artist Achievement Award during the fest. Of course, they took the delightful task lightly, with Keith cheekily telling the audience that Brads out-of-country experience was limited to Niagara Falls and cruise ships docked in international waters!

In fact, every time Brad opened his mouth!


Brad Paisley 1

Even during Brad’s acceptance speech, Keith managed to get a good quip in, reacting swiftly to the winners’ comment that country music be spread far and wide across the globe to avoid everyone thinking “we all wear spandex.” His exact comeback was, “Not in the open, anyway.” We assume the remark left the entire audience imagining Brad in his underclothes.

When Chris Janson got really into his performance

Chris Janson

Even the biggest of country music stars can’t always look their best. One of the funniest parts of the 2015 Fest is actually looking through fan and professional photos for the craziest photobombs and silliest faces pulled on stage. This full-body spider impersonation by Chris is one of our favorites.

And, finally, when Keith got just a little creepy

Thompson Square

The moment when Thompson Square’s Keifer made these fan’s day with a photo… and it ended with the brilliant quote: “Come here to Uncle Keith.”


It’s funny, but painful funny. Kinda like watching The Office, if The Office had a country feel to it.

Were you at the CMA Music Festival this year? Send us your funniest moments or share a story in the comments!