It is a “Post Pop Depression” when Iggy Pop and Josh Homme Team Up

t is a “Post Pop Depression” when Iggy Pop and Josh Homme Team Up


American singer and songwriter Iggy Pop, the 68 year old vocalist of influential proto-punk band The Stooges which reunited in 2003, has teamed up with Josh Homme, 42 year old American musician who is the only member of Queens of the Stone Age to both sing and play the guitar. The duo are releasing a new album, scheduled to come out on March 18 on Loma Vista Recordings, which has been written together in utmost secrecy and with full independence. We can expect the hard-nosed clarity of Iggy Pop’s lyrics combined with the crisp angularity of Josh Homme’s chords and melodies. According to the artists, “Post Pop Depression” picks up where “Lust for Life” left off, offering advice and confessions while keeping the tone almost flippant and philosophical. It has taken just over a year from its inception as a text message to the final recordings, but the pair is ready to share their work with the world.

The first song named “Gardenia” debuted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on January  22 and the second track Break Into Your Heart was released today to the amazement and pure pleasure of audiences everywhere. With lyrics like “All I want to do is tell Gardenia what to do tonight,” we are wondering what the rest of the album will be sounding like.

How on earth did they manage to keep this project a secret though? It appears that the album was done over three weeks in Joshua Tree, California, where the 7,000 strong population would have had a hard time getting wind of the information, making it all the easier for the artists to hush it up until they were ready to wow the world. Apparently this also helps put things into perspective, removing the fan base all together and creating an environment where each artist wanted to excite and dazzle the other only instead. They will, however, be touring together and showing off their work, knowing it is devoid of any mistakes and sounds just as they imagined it would. The album consists of nine tracks and is backed by Dean Fertita of QOTSA and Dead Winter on guitar and keyboards, along with drummer Matt Helders, Troy Van Leeuwen on guitar and Matt Sweeney on Bass. We are looking forward to their tour!