Steve Angello Kick Starting 2016 with a Wild Youth Album



With a Greek background to his Swedish ethnicity, Steve Angello has been a favorite in the music world from the time he entered it with Swedish House Mafia in 2008, continuing with it until 2013, the year that marked the band’s dissolution. The 33 year old disc jockey, record producer and record label owner has decided to begin 2016 with a bang, or a rather an exciting new video for “The Ocean” as part of his new album, aptly named Wild Youth. It is quite charming really, with an endearing aspect, the strong boxer of a man shown as a father, a pita factory worker, and just plain real. It is about the struggles of a man to make ends meet in order to support his small but loving family. The whole album feels quite raw. This is sure to be a continuation of Angello’s electronic music success.

With 12 tracks to its name, the album was released last Friday (January 22) as a compilation of two chapters; the first five had been released in November 2015, dramatically dubbed as Chapter 1. Today, we have the completed version, while fans cheer on as new song releases continue to be teased, even after it is clear this particular album is done. Back in November, Angello revealed to Rolling Stone that the track is about the artist’s own struggles, based on a true story that is visually profound in how absolutely honest, exposed and utterly naked it is. Chapter 2 includes 7 songs  and features guest appearances by Andrew Watt, Francesco Rossi, David Garza, Dan Reynolds and Saints of Valory. The new label combines the chapters and plays with their positioning to better show off the visuals, though why there are two chapters to it, we do not know as of yet. Angelo also debuted a 13-minute mini mix that is available on Soundcloud.

Three years have been spent in the creation of the album with a cohesiveness to the dozen-piece LP and variance between the tracks, markedly adding to the intrigue it. The sounds are so lovely and so well put together that it is hard to not listen from beginning to end without taking a break. Fans all over are now waiting for the grand tour which will most probably also bring in Galantis-style progressive anthems, something not included in the album itself. Between the grace and the humility of the artist in the creation of this piece, it is clear that while it may not make platinum, selling by the bucketload, the album is expected to speak to the hearts and minds of fans and even potential fans throughout the world.