Sia Releases New This Is Acting Album


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Sia Trumps in 2016 with “Reject” Hits Through This is Acting Album

Remember the song that topped charts everywhere by Sia called “Chandelier?” It is still cranked up full volume all over the place, from supermarkets to bars and most certainly in taxi cabs. That song allowed even the least music savvy to learn about Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, the Australian born singer who was one of the biggest secrets of the music industry for a long time coming. She may not be 18 years old like some pop idols, but boy can the lady sing! Her hit performance this past Wednesday on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon certainly proves she is still as amazing as ever. Teaming up with Natalie Portman and Jimmy Fallon himself, along with The Roots, it was a performance of “Iko Iko” that had fans riled up and loving every second of the remake for the Dixie Cup Top-20 hit from 1965. Percussion and two-tone wigs go pretty well together it seems.

Hat, wig and incredible style make Sia an unforgettable favorite, her records making it onto film soundtracks, including “Angel by the Wings”  in The Eagle Huntress that will be released in 2016. Here’s to female empowerment, baby! Remember her haunting piano ballad in the final scene of TV drama series Six Feet Under? Yeah, it still gives us shivers.

The most interesting thing in the world of Sia is the release of her new, 7th studio album, This Is Acting, featuring 12 tracks, out of which 11 were meant for other A-list singers including Adele, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Ne-Yo and more. The album was released on Friday, January 29, as a follow-up to the 1000 Forms of Fear compilation that topped the charts in the United States and Australia. As for why she’s singing what many call the rejects? She knows they would succeed at radio and would prefer to sing it herself than to give it to an artist of a lower tier, exciting her and her fans to no end.

Some might suggest there is a problem with the fact that the tracks were intended as singles, people are lacking the cohesiveness they would normally receive from an album, instead constantly bombarded with huge choruses and beautifully banging beats, electronic marching band effects, and some rather sinuous dance tracks. All in all though, who would not love a grand Sia tracklist? Stream your favorite songs, from a collaborative track with Kanye called “Reaper” to “Alive” that was written with Adele for her own album, from Spotify or iTunes.