David Nail Releases New Album, Fighter

David Nail 1



Hunky American country singer, David Nail, has been making waves in the industry with his vocals and guitar mastery. Appearing on the charts from 2002, Nail’s been bringing us album after album from 2009 onwards. The upcoming Fighter is his fourth studio album that will become available come July 15, 2016, under the MCA Nashville label. He’s also had two extended plays, the last of which was released on May 20, 2016 in digital download format and is available on Spotify, and which he states has inspired him to “stay in the fight” as the artist and songwriter that he is. While his time off in 2015 was much needed, it appears that this talented artist loves making music a little too much and spent what should have been a vacation coming up with new songs.

What should we be expecting from the upcoming album? A lot of personal, a lot of emotional, and a good large dose of everything David Nail. It will be reflection of his past and present combined, with “Home” most likely to strike a chord. The making of Fighter also is the first time Nail has been writing with Troy Verges, an Oscar nominee with quite the interesting resume. Furthermore, Nail has been quick to reveal that the title was inspired by one particular love-inducing film, The Notebook, and the scene where “Noah [Ryan Gosling] is telling Allie [Rachel McAdams], ‘Hey, we fight and you’re a pain in the ass 99 percent of the time, but that other one percent is what motivates me and makes me love you more.’ I love the sentiment of a guy who is in a relationship talking about all these things.” Now that is one great movie to find inspiration from! Plus, with fatherhood looking so great on him, it appears as if there will be much for Nail to be drawing his musings from in the coming days.