Little Big Town and Pharrell Williams Create New “Wanderlust” Album

Pharrell Williams 3

American musicians have been making waves throughout the world. With songs like Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” going viral to the point of many towns in countries around the globe, even tiny little villages,  having their own music video, the proof of the artist’s international fame, it makes sense that new groups in different genres of American music would be keen on creating music with the 43 year old soul, hip hop and R&B sensation. Then again, with Little Big Town rocking the country scene for a while now, the upcoming Wanderlust album will be their seventh release, due out on June 10th. It has been co-written by the foursome as well as Williams himself, and contains eight awesome tracks. “One of Those Days” is one of the upbeat new singles on the production having just newly debuted on television through the season finale of NBC’s The Voice. The whole of the album can be described as a bouncy collaboration that will certainly be putting us in the groove.

Both Williams and Little Big Town have been making headlines lately, the former garnering an incredible amount of excitement from Israel due to his upcoming trip, while the Little Big Town focuses on collaborations and mash ups, the career of the group at the top of the list. Pharrell Williams’ life sounds pretty fun, full of pink beach parties, global tours, artistic designs and a prominent place on the hit TV show The Voice. Producing this collaborative album with the “Girl Crush” singers of Little Big Town only adds to his already busy schedule. Then again, Little Big Town’s fame is not something to be trifled with, seeing as they have been topping charts for years now! We look forward to hearing the rest of the 7 tracks as well.