AC/DC  Frontman Brian Johnson Replaced with Axl Rose

Opening Night Of Guns N' Roses' Second Residency At The Joint

Fuming fans have been slamming Angus Young, part of the team of the brothers who built up the AC/DC name,  for the letting go of lead singer Brian Johnson and hiring  Axl Rose as his replacement. Fans are so indignant that one prestigious fan site has closed down in protest of the unexpected change. The news has certainly hit hard, though many state that Johnson is not retiring, but merely taking time off to work on his hearing problems; problems which forced the managing company to replace Johnson with a temporary lead singer over their latest European tour. There are those who say that the vocals of Axl Rose are indeed perfect for the band, and since Johnson required less time on the road and more quiet, the tough choice had to be made. It makes sense to replace a member when it becomes impossible for him to continue at the same pace, or even any pace at all due to medical needs. The Australian band will continue to thrive even without its lead singer, with Malcom and Angus Young still at its helm.

It has been an incredible 36 years with Brian Johnson and there should be great pride in that. Guns ‘N Roses lead singer Axl Rose has pretty big shoes to fill here, though he is no less of an incredible talent and brings in his own set of fans. It is almost like a merger of talents here. The legendary Australian group will certainly continue to make magic, but fans need some time to adjust and trust that Rose will not tarnish the memory of a beloved artist. At the end of the day though, there seems to have been little to no maltreatment as Johnson assures fans he was not fired and Axl Rose has already shown everyone that he can mesh well with the team as a temporary replacement on the tour. Now, we all just need to accept that after 36 years, changes were bound to be made. We may not be able to recognize the band as we once knew it, but there will be a new image created for the next generation and may AC/DC reign strong for another couple of decades!

The band will be continuing its tour around Europe, with events planned until the middle of June, performing all over, from Portugal to Spain, France to the UK, Denmark to Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria. The coming months are booked solid and Axl Rose will definitely be rocking it hard with the band as the rest of us begin to accept the fact that Brian Johnson is out of the picture for now.