Alexis Keegan – You Probably Don’t Know Her, But Should

By Lesa Browning & Music Mix Daily Staff






We’ve already gushed about Mikey Wax and his first national headlining tour, but we were deeply impressed with his opening act, Alexis Keegan, as well. You may have heard her hit single, “Worry No More,” which has been flying up the charts and getting lots of radio play recently. Fresh to the music scene, with her first EP, Clean Slate, released last year, Alexis is already proving herself as a talented musician. In fact, Indie Radio has tipped their hat to the musician, naming her the #1 Most Added Independent Artist in the Country! Alexis was also nominated for three LA Examiner Music Critic Awards and won in two of the categories, namely Best EP Female and Best Lyrical Video.

Bringing to the table her compelling voice, pop-rock style, and raw lyrics, Alexis draws on her childhood in New Jersey and new life in Los Angeles in her songs. Noting that she used to write songs and lyrics purely in the pop/dance genre, the young artist has already decided to take a different route. Even the title of her EP reflects her mature, thoughtful personality. She chose Clean Slate as a two-part metaphor for her own experiences. First, the entire phrase describes her decision to move from her home on the East Coast to the West Coast to focus on creating her music. Second, the world slate is actually an anagram that reminds her of the drive behind several of her songs: “Seeking Life after the End.” In this case, she is talking about the end of a relationship, which is something she has tried to work through with the aid of her music.

In addition, Alexis is changing her sound to match her more developed view on life, using her powerful and versatile voice to produce soul and rock lyrics that will leave you breathless. Her collaborations with Andrew Williams on her EP has probably been helpful in that regard. The producer/songwriter has also worked with emotion-driven artists like Five for Fighting. In her own words, she is writing songs “about feelings and issues I really care about at this point in my life – love, heartbreak, losing people you love.” Despite the somber messages of her songs, Alexis’s songs, with their R&B, pop, and rock vibes also produce a sense of hope and excitement for the future.

While Alexis Keegan has opened for big acts like Ron Pope and Howie Day in the past, we could really feel her vibe with Mikey Wax. We hope the two will collaborate again in the future, maybe even on a track from their next albums. (come on guys – what do think?)

We are definitely excited to see what comes next from this very talented singer-songwriter!

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Check out the great acoustic version of Keegan’s hit single “Worry No More” on YouTube