Arcade Fire brings us “Signs of Life” During Europe Tour


There is a new album and the internet is abuzz! It is showing us some pretty cool “Signs of Life” as the new Arcade Fire single is called. The album it is featured on is set for release on July 28th, the clip that has been used as an announcement is really intriguing to us as to the contents of the new music video that is coming our way on Friday. The teaser was found on Twitter and showed off gold outfits that sparkled bright, a smoking woman and some very intense eye contact.

From the upcoming album, we have already seen video for the title track in “Everything Now” and one called “Creature Comfort” as we wait for more news and incredible music. All the music we have yet to see has been teased already via anagrams, with titles like “Electric Lube” and “New Worse Goth Vinyl” getting some quirked brows everywhere. There are thirteen songs to the album, with three that are named “Everything Now,” as well as a double “Infinite Content” appearing towards the middle of the track list. We even see a “Peter Pan” and “Good God Damn” among the mix.

The full track list includes:

1. ‘Everything_Now’ (continued)
2. ‘Everything Now’
3. ‘Signs of Life’
4. ‘Creature Comfort’
5. ‘Peter Pan’
6. ‘Chemistry’
7. ‘Infinite Content’
8. Infinite_Content’
9. ‘Electric Blue’
10. ‘Good God Damn’
11. ‘Put Your Money On Me’
12. ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’
13. ‘Everything Now’ (continued)

A North American tour is in the works for Arcade Fire this fall, after a European tour throughout the summer months. The Canadian Indie rock band from Montreal is certainly awaited globally, with their “Infinite Content Tour” coming in September and extending to November, while they are currently moving around from Spain to France, UK to Ireland, Germany to the Netherlands, and all over Western European cities. In December, they are also expected to appear at Festival BUE in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Quite the itinerary as we all get to see them live!