Arcade Fire Debuts New Music 



On October 29, 2016, Arcade Fire took to the stage and gave us a scorching performance where some new music was debuted at a secret show for about 175 attendees. According to critics, the new material has been raved as “dynamic, danceable rock… driven by percussive-heavy beats with a flavor of disco” while the lyrics themselves seem to address some “weighty topics” that the audience was enthralled by. There will be no recordings leaked this time around as reportedly all phones were confiscated before the show. This exclusive event came just a day before the band headlined the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans on Sunday, showing off some incredible music. From what we heard, the conclusion of Voodoo 2016 was quite explosive, with Win Butler singing “I would rather be wrong than live in the shadows of your song” and giving us a “Ready to Start” performance we have been avidly waiting for.

The live performance was a joyous one it appears and the band members seemed keen on driving away every inch of despair, with layers of guitars and drums, stings, horns and keyboards, creating some overwhelming climaxes. Of course, there were political overtones as well, with band members rallying against the privatization of prisons and the lack of transparent support Louisiana has been seeing of late, while also warning against the election’s demagoguery and fear-mongering. With a whole set of awesome music to look forward to, we are also awaiting the release of the upcoming album, to be seen in 2017. Definitely something we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for.

As for the setlist from the show, here are the songs we got to hear at Voodoo 2016:

“Ready to Start”
“The Suburbs”
“Sprawl II”
“We Exist”
“Normal Person”
“Keep the Car Running”
“My Body Is a Cage”
“We Used to Wait”
“No Cars Go”
“Neighborhoods #1 (Tunnels)”
“Neighborhoods #3 (Power Out)”
“Rebellion (Lies)” / “Ghostbusters”
“Here Comes the Nighttime”
“Wake Up”