Ashley Monroe is “Paying Attention” 

Ashley Monroe has a lovely new song on the radio these days alongside her terrific single  “Hands on You” and it is called “Paying Attention.” The 31-year-old American country singer has been doing quite well and this new song looks to be keeping with her trend. It is plaintive, pretty and definitely something you can enjoy singing along with. The song in of itself was inspired by the loss of her pet dog, Rosie, but it will certainly resonate with those remembering the ending of relationships. Lonely ballads seem to be a trend among emerging Country singers these days, though Monroe’s personal life is far from lonely; she married in 2013 and had her son in the summer of 2017.

Fans are certainly happy to hear the tunes, particularly as teaser to the upcoming LP Sparrow, due out on April 20th via Warner Music Nashville. It is expected to be a stellar collaboration between Monroe and producer Dave Cobb. The album is set to present the beauty that can be found through hardships as well, with writer collaborations including Ryan Beaver, Brendan Benson, Kassi Ashton, Anderson East and Pistol Annies’ Angaleena Presley. The album follows up after her 2015 Grammy-nominated The Blade. The first song off the album is said to be “Orphan” and will include “Wild Love” among others, comprising the twelve tracks.

The full album includes:

1. “Orphan” (Ashley Monroe, Gordie Sampson, Paul Moak)
2. “Hard on a Heart” (Ashley Monroe, Blu Sanders, Paul Moak)
3. “Hands on You” (Ashley Monroe, Jon Randall)
4. “Mother’s Daughter” (Ashley Monroe, Brendan Benson, Ryan Beaver)
5. “Rita” (Ashley Monroe, Nicole Galyon, Paul Moak)
6. “Wild Love” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Brendan Benson)
7. “This Heaven” (Anderson East, Ashley Monroe, Aaron Raitiere)
8. “I’m Trying To” (Ashley Monroe, Kassi Ashton, Jon Randall)
9. “She Wakes Me Up (Rescue Me)” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Paul Moak)
10. “Paying Attention” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Brendan Benson)
11. “Daddy I Told You” (Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley, Josh O’Keefe)
12. “Keys to the Kingdom” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne)