Backstreet Boys Uniting for New Album!

Backstreet Boys 1


There are plans for a trial run residency in Sin City, a possible tour with the Spice Girls (Say what?!) and a new album in the mix! The Backstreet Boys are playing on ‘90s children’s Nostalgia and really pumping things up for us fans. They are literally going to be larger than life this year! The 2012 reunion certainly sparked some interest but they ended up fading quickly. This latest news is enough to up the ante and their signing of a Live Nation promoted nine-show deal on the Las Vegas Strip is big news. The best part? They are all together! Normally when boy bands reunite, someone seems to get left out and it is never the same again. With Nick Carter looking as hot as always leading the group, Kevin Richardson starting a boy-band-member-turned-dad trend fever, and all the men really working towards recreating their decades-long success once again, we know it is going to be a hoot. Now, we  just need to find out the venue they will be performing in.

The group’s last album was in 2013, an independent project entitled “In a World Like This.” Now, they are giving us something even better, more in tune with their ‘90s hits as they promised. The debut album came in 1996, so many years back we hardly believe two decades have passed. “Backstreet’s Back” came first and was followed by many others, each more addictive than the last. It is expected that a single will be released by the end of the year, the men will be managed by some hot young producers who understand the need for fresh sound, and Carter especially is enjoying the world of acting.

Finally, when it comes to the possible tour coming up with the Spice Girls, the Boys are just waiting for the RSVP to come in once it’s all figured out. Though, that won’t be stopping them from touring the world themselves!