Beyonce & Jay Z Take Their On The Run Tour to Seattle

By Lesa Browning



Pop music royalty took over Safeco Field Wednesday night as Beyonce and Jay Z brought their wildly anticipated On The Run Tour to Seattle.  With a late start and two decades of material including over 40 songs, it looked to be a long night.  It was in fact two and a half hours long and this was with no intermission. The stage and infield went black as the packed crowd shouted for Queen B and her man to take the stage.  Huge video screens would reveal that the couple was only happy to answer the demands.  The music was loud, although the sound was not ideal.  I am not sure the thousands of die hard fans noticed or even cared.  Fans of all ages broke out into screams before singing along every time Beyonce hit the stage.  The couple mostly shared the spotlight, taking turns singing one hit after another.  At times it felt like Jay Z was singing just long enough for Beyonce and her dancers to make a wardrobe change.  As his voice faded into the darkness, slowly Beyonce would appear, often from a riser on stage.  Her voice boomed out loud into the night and the crowd was rewarded with her famous high powered, often times sexual, always impressive dancing.  Running through hits that we have all come to know, the show was very well rehearsed, although sometimes feeling rushed.  They each did what they do best, while taking few risks.  We did not see much on stage that we have not already seen, no new material from either super star. Where we did see something new was when the video screens took away our only view of the power couple and replaced them with clips of home movies.  We saw snippets from their wedding and loads of special moments with their daughter Blue Ivy.

IMG_7423 IMG_7360

With such a long show covering so much material, it would be hard to suggest what the audience was most impressed with.  I will say that the energy was noticeably higher for Beyonce than for her hubby, but that was to be expected as she is clearly  the bigger star between the two these days.  The fans were most impressed with the most recent hits including Drunk In Love, Flawless, Pretty Hurts and Upgrade You.  They started the night with Bonnie & Clyde. When Beyonce came out in the now famous fishnet leotard and ski mask,  the crowd cheered wildly. For their final acts they chose their huge hits Young Forever and Halo, again, with what felt like  the entire stadium singing along.  After thanking the audience for participating, the two left the stage.

IMG_7493 IMG_7168IMG_7467

I thought the show was great and the highlights most often involved Beyonce and her dancers.  Beyonce was stunning and flawless in her performance. Unfortunately, I am not sure Baseball stadiums make the best concert venues if you are looking for great acoustics.  I also found it less than ideal that there was so little light on the stage, making it very hard to watch the show even from the up close spots.  Everyone was forced to watch the video screens, which was likely by design, but still somewhat annoying.  A few complaints here and there, but overall this is one of the hottest  tickets of the Summer and most fans would surely tell you they were not disappointed!


The pair will only be on tour until September 13th and that will include two dates in France. The remaining US show dates and a photo archive can be found on Beyonce’s site at