The Black Eyed Peas Break Five Year Hiatus with Surprise Video Drop

Music Mix Daily Staff

Black Eyed Peas


The Black Eyed Peas have been around for 20 years and, after five years of going their own ways and making their own music, the group is back with a surprise music video, “Yesterday.” The video, which features the original members,, Taboo, and, lacks the pop vibe that Fergie (who only joined the band in 2002) brought to the scene and pays a homage to their early inspirations. In fact, the surprise video actually sounds a lot like the bands and groups they’re playing tribute to, with classic rap beats and rhymes. It even plays on the styles of their old favorites and has vocal shout outs to a couple old-school rappers.

The video features the group walking through a record store and pulling out some of their favorite LPs. Some of the albums featured were by famous artists including Wu Tang Clan, Black Sheep, De La Soul, NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, and Public Enemy. When the camera zooms in on the LP covers, it becomes quite clear that something funny is going on, with the Black Eye Peas being featured on the albums in the original cover-art style! Whether the video concept is just plain narcissism or genius, we aren’t yet sure, but it certainly left us entertained and helped us reminisce, too!

Near the end of the song, the group’s banter changes from lyrics including, “I want to go back to yesterday”, “baby, I like it raw” and “take them to the true school” to’s assertion that the bad is “taking you to the future.” The beat changes at the same time, and seems a little more reminiscent of the Pea’s later works. So, it looks like the band has a clear message for us listeners: they know their roots but they aren’t afraid to bring us to the future of music with their next album. Looking forward to it, guys!

Still, the video is no stranger to controversy. Erykah Badu has tweeted regarding the video, essentially claiming that the Pea’s stole the concept from her video for “Honey.”


Watching the two simultaneously, you can see why: both feature the same record store-record cover conception! 

Luckily for the group, Erykah doesn’t seem to care too much – she just gives herself a pat on the back for the original idea and calls the groups’ video “cute” (which is probably more embarrassing for than her threat to beat him up!).