Black Sabbath Announce Final Tour and New Album in 2016

By: Music Mix Daily Staff

Image: Universal Music

Image: Universal Music


Whether you’re into the metal scene or not, Black Sabbath is legend and a new album is well worth a listen, especially if it is the last new Black Sabbath album you’ll ever get to hear!

After backing out on plans for a farewell concert earlier this year, Black Sabbath has decided to reinvent the wheel with a new album and accompanying tour set for 2016. At a press conference for Monsters of Rock festival, Ozzy Osbourne blamed his wife for the exciting news, joking that “I’m not stopping…my wife spends all my money, so I can’t.” Still, Ozzy swears that this one will really, truly, be the final album.

Black Sabbath’s last – and not to mention successful – album with Ozzy was released in 2013. Aptly titled 13, it was the first album the band had released together for 35 years, when they put out Never Say Die in 1878.

This announcement leads to more questions though, with the lineup for the final Black Sabbath album and tour uncertain. Ozzy himself mentioned that all the band members are currently living “in different countries” and that some members “want to work and some of them don’t want to.” Still, he is adamant in confirming that the band is “going to do another tour together.”

Most speculations point to the bands drummer, Bill Ward, who skipped the most recent reunion tour and was not included on the album 13, either. Ozzy and Bill got into a pretty heated internet spat at the time, so here’s to hoping things are worked out soon. However, it isn’t looking good so far, as Ward has confirmed that Sabbath’s new album and tour are as much news to him as they are to us.

Either way, it sounds like Black Sabbath has got their work cut out for them and we’re excited to hear the results!