Black Veil Brides
with Falling In Reverse, Drama Club & Set It Off
By: Courtney Leahy
The Black Veil Brides rocked the house at the Knitting Factory on Saturday with Falling In Reverse opening the night.
I was also introduced to two bands I hadn’t heard before, Drama Club and Set It Off. Drama club, a heavy techno meets dub step band, came out first and “played” their songs. Apparently, only a band for 3 months and already opening for Black Veil Brides. They really got the crowd up on their feet! I didn’t quite understand their music and what they actually made vs. basic DJ work. But it seemed to be very popular. I had never heard of Set It Off either but was pleasantly surprised. Even with mic issues I could still hear the instruments and got into the moment. It got me to go home and look them up. Very good sound.
Of course Ronnie Radke gave it his all with Falling In Reverse. The band was dressed in black jerseys and it was a very fun
performance. And for the all the bad stuff that has been said about Radke, he seemed to be a really nice guy. I have been a fan of  his since he was singing in Escape The Fate back in the day and it was really a treat to see him perform. He even stopped the band to make sure a crowd surfer was ok as he fell out of the pit and straight onto his back on the concrete floor.
Finally Black Veil Brides gave everyone what they had been chanting for all night with their unique sound and energized
performance. I had never listened to the band before and yet really enjoyed the band and made myself a new fan. There was never a dull moment at this concert and I would definitely do it all over again!
For more information check out the band’s website at:
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