Bon Jovi Hops on the Revenge Train with Burning Bridges

Music Mix Daily Staff

Bon Jovi 2


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Bon Jovi just ended a 32-year relationship with the release of a new album, Burning Bridges. No, it wasn’t a marriage, but it was probably pretty close to it – singer Jon Bon Jovi wrote the song about the long-time record label, Mercury Records, which he just parted ways with.

The best part is, the 12-song album was released in order to fulfill the record contracts remaining requirements! While only one song is directly a revenge song, the fact that it is full of anger and frustration is not hard to miss. In fact, one lyric expressly refers to this fact, stating, “After 30 years of loyalty, they let you dig the grave. Now maybe you could learn to sing or strum along. Well I’ll give you half the publishing. You’re why I wrote this song.” With that and other lyrics, like “Hope my money and my masters buy a front-row seat in hell,” we bet Mercury Records wish they’d done away with that particular stipulation.

Still, Bon Jovi has certainly got to have a few positive memories of his time with the record label. Born in New Jersey, the singer has worked with the record label on 13 studio albums. From those albums, the band has been awarded with Number One Hit’s 5 times, according to the Billboard Hot 200 chart. With his music remaining popular for decades, and new songs reaching new audiences that span generations, the singer-songwriter really must be proud of his work and his time with Mercury Records.

That said, we are happy to hear that Bon Jovi plans to step out alone, for the first time in over 30 years, and release a new album in 2016. We look forward to seeing what Jon Bon Jovi and the band will have to offer!