Bowie Is Back!

Music Mix Daily Staff


David Bowie 1

Bowie is releasing a new album and ahead of that, has just released a video for one of the songs. That’s right folks, the one and only David Bowie is back and he is not shying away from his usual crazy, eccentric, sometimes out-of-this-world style. In fact, The Times has described this latest album (actually his 26th studio album) as the singer-songwriter’s “oddest work yet.” Well, that’s saying something.

The new album is full of jazz influence, including collaborations with plenty of local New York musicians who recorded for Bowie’s Blackstar at the Magic Shop Studio. Jazz is not the only thing listeners should expect from the new album. There are also to be hints of soul, a nod of the head to electronic beats, and even Gregorian chanting. While these are all unique and new to the sound of David Bowie, who is said to be creating quite an original piece of work on this new album, there is still of course, nothing that will drown out the distinctive voice of the singer himself.

The video for the lead song, also titled Blackstar, includes creepy masks, scarecrows, astronauts, and the surreal acting of Bowie himself. Not one to shy from the spotlight, Bowie is seen featuring a cloth mask with small eyeholes, echoing, depending on how you look at it, images of a mummy or a prisoner or just plain Bowie being Bowie.

The full song is almost ten minutes long and really takes you on a journey, from almost total silence in a couple spots to an overpowering saxophone solo. In true Bowie style, the song isn’t afraid of taking risks, including switching tempo multiple times.

Some already argue that the new song is completing a trilogy around the Bowie-invented character, Major Tom, even claiming that Blackstar takes Major Tom to the status of a God.  Find out yourself when the new album comes out. Quite adorably, Bowie will release his new album on the 8th of January. Why adorable? Because it is the date of the famous musicians 69th birthday!