Brad Paisley – Country Nation Tour Review

By Lesa Browning

Brad Paisley Sacramento, CA

Brad Paisley
Sacramento, CA


Brad Paisley brought his 2014-2015 Country Nation world tour to Sacramento last week and he brought with him some pretty famous faces. Opening up for Brad was Randy Houser, Leah Turner and also the crazy fun Charlie Worsham. Carrie Underwood even made a special appearance via hologram with Brad preforming Remind Me.


The Sleep Train Amphitheater was the perfect setting for this night of country music.  I have the Country Mega Ticket which means I have tickets to nine Live Nation country shows this season, all in the same seats.  This has been a great thing and has enabled me to make new friends with other Mega Ticket holders and even spend a little time in the private “mega ticket lounge area” which has a full bar and light snacks before the headliner takes the stage. The Sleep Train is always fun because there are so many things happening at once.  Radio station booths, great food and drink options, various vendors, VIP parties and just a generally easy going and fun environment. This night was no different.  It was hot outside of course, summer in California and all, but that just made people party a bit harder…. likely due to the ice cold beer and vodka cocktails available! I attended this show with three friends and we were lucky enough to have backstage meet and greet passes to see Charlie Worsham.  Backstage it was a small group and we were treated to a new song played by Worsham before we had some quick chat time and photos.  Worsham is relatively new on the country music scene but he handled this small group of fans, and his big stage performance, like an old pro.  Gracious and generally adorable, he was a big hit!  Check out our You Tube channel for a short video of Charlie’s new song.


Since this is a Brad Paisley tour, you know the opening acts were going to be great.  In addition to Charlie Worsham, Brad brought along the always fantastic Leaha Turner XXXX and serious country crooner Randy Houser.  Leaha I met in Nashville in June and since then have loved her powerful music.  This lady brings heart and soul to country music, not to mention a much needed female presence.  While Randy Houser’s music is not new to me, this was first time seeing him preform live.  With a deep, beautiful, booming voice Houser took the dark and smoky stage like a serious country rock star. His band was fabulous and the interaction between them showed what serious professionals these guys are.

With a trio of openers that were so good, it was hard to believe we were just “warming up.”  But again, this is a Brad Paisley tour, so you had to know it was just going to get crazy fun. (everything Brad does is crazy fun… Don’t believe me? Check him out on Twitter!)


After a real quick bathroom and beer break for the very hyped up crowd, the stage came back to life as Paisley literally jumped into the spotlight to kick things off.  Opening with XXX, the crowd went nuts and Paisley just sucked up their energy and barreled through.  He bantered with the crowd, giving loads of attention to as many fans as possible. The sets were bigger than life, with a great deal of video streaming across the screen on stage.  Playing many hits, old and new, including XXX, XXX, XXX and XXX, Paisley’s energy level just continued to climb.  I would love to know what this guy eats for breakfast because really, he is impressive.  The show was both laid back casual and well rehearsed , larger than life entertainment. Paisley is an amazing entertainer.  He seems to genuinely enjoy not only what he does, but his fans as well.  There were many during the show that I chuckled to myself watching the expression on his face, like a grown kid having the time of his life.  It is not real easy to fake the amount of fun that was had on the stage this night.  Paisley put on an amazing show and his band was right there with him, bringing great music to the masses.  This is not a tour to be missed for country music lovers.  I hope Brad Paisley is part of my Mega Ticket package for years to come, I don’t think I could ever tire of his antics and musical talent.

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