Brandy Clark Recounts a Big Day in a Small Town with New Album

Brandy Clark


White picket fences and everything country is what Brandy Clark is, but when singing “Girl Next Door” she shatters all stereotypes of what the perfect girl next door should be. She is not the Virgin Mary metaphor with the perfect hair and perfect dress, in fact she calls herself the perfect mess. This single is a top hit from her upcoming album Big Day in a Small Town, and sets her up for a whole lot of talk! (not that Clark is a stranger to talk over her lyrics, lets not forget her singles “Get High” and “Stripes” both fan favorites that make crowds go wild) We can almost feel a tangible excitement from fans who could not agree with the singer-songwriter more, knowing that none of us are made in a cookie cutter mold and should not be expected to resemble the “perfection” whose horn is tooted a little too much. The song was worked on in collaboration with Tracie Goudie and Shane Tarleton, with the first video from her sophomore album coming up. It is also being called the artist’s most radio-friendly song ever released, recounted as “muscular and uptempo” while still remaining pretty hipster while still being Country.

Brandy Clark is perfect as herself and beyond talented, having written songs for great names such as Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert, LeAnn Rimes, Billy Currington, Darius Rucker and Kacey Musgraves. Not yet 40 and a 2015 Grammy Nominee for Best New Artist, Clark’s on full speed ahead and utilizing all advantages females have in the industry, including singing about blowing things up (something frowned upon these days for men). Following her debut album 12 Stories in 2013, her upcoming album is expected to hit the public later this summer.

At the moment, you can see Brandy Clark on the CMT Next Women of Country tour throughout the United States and Canada. With her incredible voice and way with good lyrics, it is a pretty safe bet that Country music will love her!