Breaking Benjamin #1 Celebrations Cancelled Due to Illness?

Music Mix Daily Staff


Breaking Benjamin


Does a jealous musician have a voodoo doll of Breaking Benjamin’s lead singer? We’re only asking because the onset of Ben Burnley’s sudden illness came in very quick succession to the band’s first number one album.  Breaking Benjamin’s Dark Before Dawn is the group’s first album in six years. It managed to reach the top on the Billboard 200, beating out four other debut albums this week.

Well, if there is a voodoo doll out there, someone has been wreaking havoc on the poor thing for several long years now. That is to say, Burnley has faced serious medical problems for a long time. The band had to cancel a tour back in 2010 after their front man came down with a painful illness.

By the way, we’re not being vague about the illness by choice – even Burnley himself isn’t sure what it is! He told Rolling Stone that over 300 doctors (we hope that’s an exaggeration!) have told him “We don’t know what’s wrong with you.” The singer said the illness began back in 2007, almost ten years ago. He originally speculated that it was an illness related to his abuse of alcohol, with Burnley admitting that he had to give up drinking after a three-day bender that left him “seeing spots and dizzy.” Not only that, but the problem simply “never went way” since that time. He has been stuck with debilitating, unknown pain since then! We hope that despite his serious discomfort, the band members will still have a chance to celebrate their major win.

The group, which features all new members outside of Burnley himself, still has a jam-packed season of shows ahead of them. They may be new to the stage, but they certainly aren’t without success, so we can only pray that Burnley finds a way to channel his illness into rage-filled guitar solos and screaming vocals for his fans!