Brian Eno’s Epic New Single The Ship

Brian Eno

Brian Eno’s new 21-minute Titanic-Inspired song is sweepingly epic. With a long career behind him and a stellar mock-retirement ahead, Brian Eno is one English musician, composer, singer and visual artist who can easily capture hearts with his vocals. Having been in the industry for a while now and well-known since 1971, the 67 year old Brian Eno has so much going for him. He’s also got some serious talent to pull together a sweeping new 21-minute long track that is considered epic among his fans and the musical community as a whole. It is inspired by the Titanic, to be included in his upcoming LP album also named The Ship, and available to hear on Spotify. Shifting genres throughout the length of this track, the disembodied vocals create a haunting sensation as the infamous voyage becomes center stage to the lyrics. Eno helped pioneer the electronic music genre, the track exploring this with the combination of avant-garde and musique concrete elements, drone appearing throughout as well. One can easily describe the vocals as quivering and atmospheric.

Since the track itself is called The Ship for its similitude to the Titanic, the album as a whole takes on that name as well, thus dubbing it the best among its mix. Along with the title track, the album will feature a three-tiered suite called “Fickle Sun” and Eno’s cover of Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free” classic. Pretty much he is placing “sonic events in a free, open space.” That sounds more than fine for us!

Expected to become available on April 29, fans rejoiced at hearing snippets here and there and are now enjoying the song itself on Spotify. To help understand the song, Eno’s statement comes in very handy: “The piece started as an ambient work intended for a multichannel sound installation in Stockholm, but during the making of it I discovered that I could now sing a low C – which happens to be the root note of the piece. Getting older does have a few fringe benefits after all. From that point the work turned into an unusual kind of song … a type I’ve never made before where the vocal floats free, untethered to a rhythmic grid of any kind.”

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