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Third Eye Blind Tour Review

I had the pleasure of catching the show on a Friday night in Spokane, Washington. Spokane is not a huge town and even with the competition of two Garth Brooks concerts scheduled the same day just down the block, the Spokane Knitting Factory was packed with a very diverse crowd that ranged in age from teenagers to baby boomers. When the band’s original lead singer Stephan Jenkins took to the fog filled stage to open with “Sharp Knife,” he was greeted by a wildly cheering audience ready to rock.  They were not disappointed.  There was no fluff, no background projections, no distractions at all.  This was a straight up rock show.  

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Arcade Fire brings us “Signs of Life” During Europe Tour

A North American tour is in the works for Arcade Fire this fall, after a European tour throughout the summer months. The Canadian Indie rock band from Montreal is certainly awaited globally, with their “Infinite Content Tour” coming in September and extending to November, while they are currently moving around from Spain to France, UK to Ireland, Germany to the Netherlands, and all over Western European cities. In December, they are also expected to appear at Festival BUE in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Quite the itinerary as we all get to see them live!

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