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The All-Star Black Panther soundtrack

Black Panther is a Marvel film that has already jumped to the top tier, with rave reviews and incredible feedback, all before the official release date of February 16th.  It has been called “a fresh and significant Marvel chapter,” and that should be enough to get Marvel fans excited.  Kendrick Lamar has personally curated and produced the soundtrack for the film along with Top Dawg Entertainment producer Anthony Tiffith. 

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Migos brings us “Superstars” on New LP

Migos brings us “Superstars” on New LP- There is a new Migos LP in town, titled Culture II. That means we are bound to be getting some great tracks in the meantime. “Superstars” is no exception, a synth-heavy new song that blends in an aggressive nature with a rather calming atmosphere. The digital sound effects are perfectly balanced with the grinding trap beat, while it is clear that rap has now become the sound of the mainstream, as some journalists are calling it.

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21 Savage Featured on New Cardi B Track

The track’s art is nothing if not sexy, with the peacock tattoo tracing down hips, buttocks and thighs the first thing one notices alongside some fabulous ankle wrapped heels and matching lingerie. It’s all posh luxury with a huge dose of modern sexy. “Bartier Cardi” was out and available for streaming as of just before midnight on December 21st for some, and moving into the 22nd for others around the world. The collaboration with Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, also known as 21 Savage, has already yielded some truly fine results. 

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The New Quavo Album

While not all the lyrics will appeal to all fans, there are a few lines throughout that really manage to stand out and catch our attention. “All these damn chains, modern slavery/But this ain’t 1800 so they pay me…” and “She want me to get her a bag, a house, maybe a Beamer/I might say some shit out of my mouth but still won’t leave her/I might say some shit out of my mouth, call my paralegal/I did done some shit in my life right in that Regal/Go Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, that shit lethal/Can’t live backwards, live life, that shit evil” come to mind, among others. It is clear that the artists relate with their fans, but it would be great if we found incredible lyrics in every song released, as well. 

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Snoop Dogg “Neva Left” the Music Scene

Snoop Dogg wants the world to celebrate his career with him. And what a career it has been. Since he is still in the prime of his life, fans and well-wishers alike would be happy to see him on that stage for many years to come. The man’s been around for 25 years. There is much cause to celebrate. On Neva Left, we see features by Redman, Method Man and Cypress Hill’s B-Real, along with others. Wiz Khalifa makes an appearance, along with Too $hort and Charlie Wilson. With most of the tracks appearing to be collaborations, it certainly is an incredible composition of all that makes Snoop Dogg’s music great. Currently, the artist is on the road for his 2017 Mount Kushmore Wellness Retreat Tour through 16 cities, highlighting his love of music and cannabis.

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