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Sammy Sadler Releases Church On The Cumberland Road

Sammy Sadler has released a cover of “Church On The Cumberland Road” and it is as refreshing and exhilarating as the original release. The song features Marty Raybon, the lead singer of Shenandoah who originally sang this song, allowing Sammy to stay true to the 1989 country sound while using his powerful voice to take an exciting spin on the song. His passionate energy invites anyone listening to get up and dance to this upbeat, feel-good cover!

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Karissa Ella Covers “Who I Am”

In a time when country music is more pop than country, Karissa Ella is reminding fans where it all began by bringing listeners back to its roots. It seems like country fans are craving that traditional country sound now more than ever and many young artists are delivering just that!  Throughout this unprecedented year, the incredibly talented Karissa Ella has utilized the down time to redefine her sound, moving into the country music she grew up on and bringing us The Acoustic Sessions.

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Shawn Mendes New Single

“In My Blood” is the first teaser we get from the upcoming third album named SM3. Considering that his last LP debuted at Number One in September 2016 just as his first one had in 2015, there are high hopes for the next project as well. The song is written with Teddy Greiger, Scott Harris and Geoff Warburton and is relatable for just about everyone listening. The track’s artwork is simple, floral and rather suitable with its color combination. The ballad itself works quite well as workout music as well, “Sometimes I feel like giving up, but it isn’t in my blood,” he sings. Yes, that is definitely something that would keep us going.

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Ashley Monroe is “Paying Attention” 

Fans are certainly happy to hear the tunes, particularly as teaser to the upcoming LP Sparrow, due out on April 20th via Warner Music Nashville. It is expected to be a stellar collaboration between Monroe and producer Dave Cobb. The album is set to present the beauty that can be found through hardships as well, with writer collaborations including Ryan Beaver, Brendan Benson, Kassi Ashton, Anderson East and Pistol Annies’ Angaleena Presley. The album follows up after her 2015 Grammy-nominated The Blade. The first song off the album is said to be “Orphan” and will include “Wild Love” among others, comprising the twelve tracks.

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New Kylie Minogue Video

The New Kylie Minogue Video….. It is sparkly, it is country, and it channels Dolly Parton. Kylie Minogue gets our blood pumping with gusto with her new “Dancing” single. She can’t stand still she says, and she won’t slow down. “When I go out, I want to go out dancing,” Minogue sings. It’s a sentiment many of us can relate to. The Day of the Dead references in the video are also intriguing.

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The All-Star Black Panther soundtrack

Black Panther is a Marvel film that has already jumped to the top tier, with rave reviews and incredible feedback, all before the official release date of February 16th.  It has been called “a fresh and significant Marvel chapter,” and that should be enough to get Marvel fans excited.  Kendrick Lamar has personally curated and produced the soundtrack for the film along with Top Dawg Entertainment producer Anthony Tiffith. 

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