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New Music by Jack White 

Boarding House Reach is a follow up to 2014’s Lazaretto and will be out via Third Man and Columbia. And while we are at it, we can enjoy some Jack White during this year’s Governor Ball Music Festival this summer, featured alongside Eminem, Travis Scott and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We rather like seeing his solo work, despite loving his White Stripes music as well. The fact that he can indeed create in multiple genres makes him one hell of a talented musician. Hopefully, there is more we can look forward to this year as well?

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Camila Breaks Records!

Camila Breaks Records! An iTune record has been broken with Camila Cabello’s debut album, Camila. Born Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, the Cuban-American singer and songwriter has risen to fame in the past couple of years, grabbing third place on the 2012 X Factor show, while also singing as a member of the wildly popular girl band, Fifth Harmony. She is only 20 years old and her solo career is taking off at the speed of light since her album release on Friday, January 12,

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New Album By Justin Timberlake is Very Much Down to Earth

Loyal fans who have known him from his NSYNC days have also grown up and generally have families of their own. We can certainly relate, especially when it comes to soul-searching in cornfields and camping in the mountains with loved ones. Since his last studio album was back in 2013, it has also given us plenty of time to miss him, despite his constant musical appearances – Trolls soundtrack and all. As for the dropped single? “Filthy” is pretty far from what the name implies. Grown up Timberlake is, with futuristic robotic inventions shown off on set to some slick dance moves. We are pretty sure Steve Jobs was an inspiration here. Dancing robot avatars in 2028? Check!

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U2’s “Songs of Experience”

U2 has not only been enduring, but thriving as a rock band for over 40 years now, without showing any signs of stopping. Bono’s lyrical style has been dubbed Bongolese as well, which means that long after U2 has left the world of music, the style will still be in place. There is a legacy here, and it is a beautiful one to leave behind. Furthermore, a precedent is set for artists to stay on for half a century or more in this domain, only gaining momentum as they continue to usher in larger crowds of fans over the years. It is almost fitting that we have “Songs of Experience” this time around, where the question of what happens to us as we age is given. In 2014, there was “Songs of Innocence” that this appears to be a companion piece to, philosophies aired about life in general, and the changes we come across as the years go by; both good and bad. The lyrics are inspired by William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Experience,” where the relationship between binaries in life, such as young versus old, are remarked upon. It begs the question: what does it really mean to grow up in this world?

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Demi Lovato Fires Up the Dance Floor

Demi Lovato Fires Up the Dance Floor with Luis Fonsi in “Echame La Culpa.”  Spanish songs generally have a rather alluring ring to them, with passion and emotion radiating right through, even when we do not understand the lyrics. Breaking the VEVO 24h Latin record is the latest song by Demi Lovato, a collaboration with Luis Fonsi, and it is rocking the music boards everywhere. Confirmation about the song was made just lately, via social media on Tuesday night. It was a video teaser of the track with Fonsi announcing the title as “Echame La Culpa” while on a bed and the words written on a pillow.

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The Thrill of it All by Sam Smith

The Thrill of it All will be part of Smith’s North American tour starting June 18, 2018 from Toronto, with the stint taking him around the US before ending up in Calgary on September 13. There are 37 dates to this trek, with five Canadian performances, and each ticket purchased online will be awarded with a free copy of the album. The closing track to the album is “Pray” and has been produced by Timbaland, easily capturing our attention no matter where we are when we hear it for the first time.

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Red Pill Blues Album Review

With a tour planned featuring special guess Julia Michaels, Maroon 5 will be hitting the road in North America March to October right after making an appearance with performances at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on December 30th  and 31st. So which pill will you take: the red or the blue?

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HAIM is Back

HAIM is Back with “That Don’t Impress Me Much” Rendition! HAIM has been quite busy of late and that’s certainly something we are enjoying. The latest news centers around the release of a Shania Twain cover for “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” a musical classic that both older and younger generations have enjoyed for years now. The HAIM sisters recorded their version of the song for an Australian radio station called triple j, a tribute to their favorite country star who finally released her first album in 15 years

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New Jessie Ware Song Co-Written by Ed Sheeran

The self-employed do not get maternity leave it appears, according to one of the latest interviews with English songstress Jessie Ware. The 33 year old pop, electronica, R&B and soul singer came onto the musical stage back in 2009 and has since made a name for herself. Her latest song is called “Sam” and has been confirmed to refer to her husband, wed since 2014. The best songs are the most intimate, and what can get more intimate than a mother singing to her daughter her life’s advice? Co-written by Ed Sheeran,

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New Gwen Stefani Album

Christmas Comes Early with a New Gwen Stefani Album! A run on her boyfriend’s ranch inspired gorgeous long-time artist Gwen Stefani to write a Christmas song. That has since turned into a Christmas album where she flaunts her love for the man and tries to fulfill her Christmas “fantasy” to be rather like Mariah Carey. With so much of the world obsessed with Gwen and Blake’s relationship, it almost seems fitting to bring love and Christmas together.

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New Music From P!NK

Over the years, P!NK has broken stereotypes such as women over 35 struggling to make it onto Top 40 radio or topping Hot 100 charts; she has presented a world of strong women and even admitted to some unexpected family dynamics with her husband of many years. In terms of this particular album, she has made it clear that while life can be truly traumatic, it is infinitely beautiful as well and the duality of that requires art to reflect it perfectly.

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Nickelback “Feed the Machine” Tour featuring Daughtry

Walking around the Verizon Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia, half-listening to Shaman’s Harvest (the opening act of Nickelback’s Feed the Machine Tour), it could have been 2017, 2007 or 2001. Nothing about the crowd (except maybe the age) provided a clue: people attired in the timeless fashion of rock concerts including tour shirts, distressed denim, Flashdance-esque torn up tees. And huge smiles. There’s something irresistible about a good, old-fashioned rock concert with hard-hitting vocals, over-amped guitar and very drunk fans.

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Interview Of The Week: Paul Bogart

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