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Sammy Sadler Releases Church On The Cumberland Road

Sammy Sadler has released a cover of “Church On The Cumberland Road” and it is as refreshing and exhilarating as the original release. The song features Marty Raybon, the lead singer of Shenandoah who originally sang this song, allowing Sammy to stay true to the 1989 country sound while using his powerful voice to take an exciting spin on the song. His passionate energy invites anyone listening to get up and dance to this upbeat, feel-good cover!

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New Zayn Malik and Sia Song

“Dusk Till Dawn” is fun, it’s catchy, and has fans around the world cheering at the incredible musical arrangements. It is quite epic really, with both artists considered powerhouses in the industry. The high notes are delivered to perfection, while the overall vocals leave nothing to be desired. Truly, this is a masterpiece of a song, as pretty much anything Sia works on generally seems to be great!

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Shakira’s New El Dorado Release

There is a reason Shakira’s held the Queen of Latin Pop title for over 15 years now, with so many singles topping the Billboard charts that it is hard to keep track of. On May 28th, we got wind of her newest single, a ballad called “Nada” sung entirely in Spanish and utterly inspiring. Many of the songs off the album have already found their way onto the Hot Latin Songs and Hot 100 lists, including “La Bicicleta” and “Chantaje” in the mix. “Déjà vu” and “Comme Moi” also appear on the track list, alongside the “Trap” duet.

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Grandtheft is the newest face in the secret invasion of Canadian DJs that includes Shaun Frank, DVBBS, A-trak, Zeds Dead and deadmau5. I think they might be the EDM version of the Justice League: I won’t say who are Superman and Batman (I have my theories) but for sure vocalist Delaney Jane is Wonder Woman.

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Psychedelic Video Accompanies First Grizzly Bear Song in 5 Years

“Three Rings” has had fourteen video teasers of late that have been steadily released since April, finally appearing on all music platforms just at midnight on May 5. Quite the matchup there. After 5 years of hibernation, a single from the fifth album is released on the fifth day of the fifth month of this year. Beautiful strategy we would say to that. The album is expected to be “more adventurous” as per Grizzly Bear, while “Three rings” fairly bursts with an impeccable mix of guitar, bass, keys and synths. It is like weaving, each of the instruments perfectly crossing one another to create a rather dramatic melody that pulls you right in. Great to listen to as you try to get your work done during the day.

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