Chance the Rapper Song Debut


A brand new song was newly performed by Chance the Rapper, still untitled and seen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It is a collaboration between himself and Canadian Daniel Caesar, the latter joining in the fun with backing vocals and electric guitar. During the interview on the show, it was revealed that the song itself had only been written in a matter of days as something fresh for the artist. While he was originally going to perform the Coloring Book outtake “Grown Ass Kid” instead, a last minute decision brought the premiere of this rather interesting piece out instead. The man is spiritual, we have to give him that; his brief rendition of the “This is the Day” hymn along with his heartfelt words about church attendance and songs working out as double prayers certainly attested to that fact.

The song itself is incredibly beautiful, the rhyme and lyrics entirely captivating. The religious tone to it captures the rapper’s heart sweetly. One of the first world problems stated is about having a dream and never waking up from it. The poetry is captivating, while the presentation itself is hard to avert your gaze from. Simple but says so much. The Chicago rapper has been climbing high in the past years, a new chapter having started with Coloring Book cracking the Billboard 200 based on streaming numbers alone. It peaked at No. 8 and took home a Grammy for best rap album. With an ever-growing fan base, Chance the rapper has a bright future. And with songs like this released more often, he will be hard to forget in the decades to come. Chance the Rapper is a pioneer in the music world at this point; one of the hottest acts in music, with a Top 10 album on his resume, and even his own festival, the artist has done it all without a label or even a physical release.