By Hazen Witmeyer @Hazengirl

It wasn’t the easiest setup: a small, slightly run down club in Atlanta (sorry Gold Room) on the day before Easter, and his set’s start time pushed up to 7 PM.

That’s OK: he still killed it.

He is Codeko: an up-and-coming electronic dance music DJ whose single “Walking with Lions” has lit up music festivals around the world.

What makes this young Brit special is not just that he spins music with a personality and style unique on the EDM scene today, or that he drops sick remixes of songs you thought you were over like “Roses” by the Chainsmokers — it’s that he cares about his fans.

I first saw Codeko at Life in Color in Miami in January. His set was probably the freshest of any that played that day. I was blown away and instantly told everyone I know on social media that he was the next big thing. Then, maybe a week ago, I saw him post that he was done playing several US tour dates (none of which had been in my town or close by). I asked him via comment to come to Atlanta, and he informed me in a reply that he would be there a few days later in a show with Andrew Rayal.

Which takes us back to the grungy club at 7 PM the day before Easter. When I arrived, the club was nearly empty. I spotted him hanging out casually waiting for his set to start. When I introduced myself and explained my fandom, he was gracious and friendly. He took a selfie with me and talked about his plans to adapt to the venue by playing a more low key set.

He played for about an hour and 15 minutes in total, and I danced to every song. The music was fantastic, and people who had no idea who he was were commenting on the quality of his set. What was maybe most extraordinary about it was that he didn’t even play his own most popular single. He told me later that he wanted to play music that worked for the crowd, and he wasn’t feeling it to play festival music in the club.

He did great remixes of songs including “Me Myself and I” and he played some London house tracks that no one but other Brits in the crowd had heard. It was new, danceable, and the crowd was lit up.

After his set, when Andrew Rayal had taken the DJ booth, I spoke with Codeko again on his way out. He was extremely personable and open about his music, and said his Phoenix festival performance had been his favorite on this visit. He promised to send me his “Roses” remix (as he had not been able to release it), and he later liked the photos I had posted on Instagram during the show.

If you have a chance to check him out on your music player of choice – or even better, live – let me know what you think.