Coldplay Shares the Stage with Ariana Grande 

Music Mix Daily Staff

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At this year’s Global Citizen Festival at New York’s Central Park, Coldplay took the stage and debuted a new song, “Amazing Days, to the world.

While the band took the opportunity to introduce a new song, they also threw in a surprise performance with Ariana Grande.

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Singer Chris Martin and the beautiful Ariana Grande teamed up to belt out “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” a tune written by none other than One Direction’s Harry Styles. The co-founder of the festival, Ryan Gall, shares that Chris is a true artist and takes all of his collaborations on stage very seriously.

Ariana Grande, who was in town on tour, was thrilled to take time out before her evening show to join Coldplay singer, Chris Martin for the duet. Grande, who actually has roots in Brooklyn, was more than happy to support the festival’s cause of ending poverty. Her chance to share the stage with Martin was almost taken when the piano to be used for the show broke down only minutes before the scheduled performance. Luckily the pair knew how to improvise. The two changed up the new song and managed to make it sound amazing even without the piano!

Given the festival’s social cause, it was a beautiful thing to also hear Coldplay’s new song, “Amazing Days,” which Martin described as being about “all the amazing things in this world.”

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Considering that Martin has actually curated the festival for 15 years, it is not surprising that he took the opportunity to share such a beautiful message. It seems like we can also thank him for all the amazing performances, including one by Ed Sheeran, who Martin phoned himself!