CONWAY Has A Second EP, Shut Up

By Lesa Browning



So last month alternative punk/pop rocker girl CONWAY (aka: Kassia Conway) released her second EP titled SHUT UP and somehow I never got past the single with the same title.  Why I never listed to the other three songs until today I have no idea.  (I was busy, it was crazy summer concert and festival season, I spend my life on airplanes… I don’t know, I guess I am just a slacker.)   But I really love the song Shut Up and I love the outspoken CONWAY overall.  I was first introduced to the energetic blonde fashionista when she opened for Ellie Goulding and my daughter and I had the chance to meet her after the set. She was shockingly humble and sweet, taking the time to chat with my tween and sign a nice note on a copy of her vinyl. I have been following her career ever since.  CONWAY is hilarious on social media and seems to be all over the pages of magazines these days. But I am happiest to see the release of her new music and thrilled to say that I like everything on this new EP.

If you are looking for something new and fun, head on over to iTunes and give her a listen:

Check out CONWAY’s website at: