David Guetta Encore Beach Club Pool Party Review

By Hazen Witemeyer @Hazengirl

Stop the presses: David Guetta is not phoning it in.

This past 18 months, everyone I talked to who had seen David Guetta live, whether at in international festival or a Vegas club, told me the same thing: he’s phoning it in. Maybe it was too close to Listen and he was tired of playing all the same tracks; maybe these particular critics just caught him on a bad day.

Whatever the cause, David Guetta was most definitely NOT phoning it in at the Encore Beach Pool Party at the Wynn in Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend. He was dropping beats with the energy of a teenager, grinning from ear to ear, dancing around and generally looking like he was having the time of his life. 

Of course, Encore is the perfect place to see David Guetta. A little more hip hop than Trap, it’s a place where people who aspire (and often succeed) to be young, rich and beautiful go to be seen. It’s always packed with partiers who are having too much fun to notice that the sun has burned the living daylights out of them. People feel themselves a lot at Encore; I mean, really feel themselves.

In other words, not too many artists can put on a better show than the crowd at Encore – but David Guetta is one of them. His rousing and rhythmic music made the crowd scream, gyrate and sing, song after awesome song.

The set (appropriately) skewed towards trap, although of course there were plenty of other tracks mixed in. He opened with Bad and moved quickly into a fast mix of  clips of recognizable tracks of his own and other current DJs.  His music included Work Hard Play Hard, Light My Body Up,  Club Can’t Handle Me, Sweat, Love is Gone, Hey Mama, Shot Me Down, Titanium, his latest release Afterlife, and more. Plus him just mixing beats. Also on tap were songs-of-the-moment like Startboy by The Weeknd, Paris by the Chainsmokers, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, and Jungle Bae by the Diplo/Jack U gang. Plus some hip hop. Oh, and a random, crowd-pleasing shout-out to the beautiful Gwen Stefani and No Doubt in the form of Don’t Speak.

Between the sun, which bakes the entire dance floor from open to close, and the crowd, which is baked from open to close, and the price to park your stuff (minimum $55!) Encore isn’t my favorite venue in Vegas. But  this was the perfect set in the perfect spot, and I am so pleased to say that Guetta was present, accounted for and having a great time. Highly recommend.