Demi Lovato Fires Up the Dance Floor 

Demi Lovato Fires Up the Dance Floor with Luis Fonsi in “Echame La Culpa.”  Spanish songs generally have a rather alluring ring to them, with passion and emotion radiating right through, even when we do not understand the lyrics. Breaking the VEVO 24h Latin record is the latest song by Demi Lovato, a collaboration with Luis Fonsi, and it is rocking the music boards everywhere. Confirmation about the song was made just lately, via social media on Tuesday night. It was a video teaser of the track with Fonsi announcing the title as “Echame La Culpa” while on a bed and the words written on a pillow. Steamy and intriguing, with the title translating to “Put the Blame on Me” in English. The American songstress is definitely working on her Spanish it appears.

The duo dance up a storm with this great new masterpiece as Demi Lovato seems to be looking to up the ante from Fonsi’s record-breaking hit “Despacito” and make that quick jump to #1. It’s sizzling, it’s hot, and it gets the blood pumping with adrenaline from the get-go. “Echame La Culpa” is a beautiful song debating who exactly is to blame for a relationship that has been heading downhill. Complete with an underground dance scene, narrow alleyways and romantically lit bedrooms, the combination of English and Spanish just added to the number of fans the language already boasts around the world. For decades now, Spanish has appeared in the mainstream music world as the language of great passion and love. Lovato and Fonsi just added another notch to that particular belt. That samba dancing looked pretty fun, as well! “Echame La Culpa” is fun, it’s colorful, and definitely dance-worthy.

Finally, let’s not forget that Fonsi just took home four trophies from the Latin Grammys! Singing about the cliché phrase of “It’s not you, it’s me” with such flair should land him a few more in the near future.