DJ Khaled and Son Combine Efforts on “I’m the One”


We have Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Migos, Quavo and Lil Wayne enlisted. And then we have amazing single artwork featuring DJ Khaled’s son, Asahd Tuck. The singers have come together for a masterpiece of a song, released Friday, April 28. It is set to appear on his forthcoming album called Grateful and has the loveliest artwork ever, featuring his adorable baby floating on water on a blown up ring. The little one has also appeared on the artwork for “Shining” a track that saw cooperation with Beyoncé and Jay Z. All this, and he has not even completed his first year of life!

Grateful will be DJ Khaled’s 10th studio album, following 2016’s Billboard 200-topping album Major Key, and apparently executive produced by his son. How does that work? It is probable that most fans will be raising eyebrows until they hear the explanation. “The poops and the throw-ups, believe it or not, are blessings, so those [songs] are actually the real good ones. He actually threw up on me while I was mixing and working on ‘Shining,’ and when he threw up on me, that’s a blessing.” Yep, that is the reality of it. Apparently little Asahd has a nose for these things.

The American record producer and radio personality has put together a truly attractive piece that has already hit #1 on the charts. It’s about celebrating the blessings in life together with those you are close to. It is a song that makes you feel young and brings back the boy band idea with a new millennium twist. Horses in the backyard and dancing by the pool sound like a great amount of fun, so lets be thankful for all we have, regardless of our different views. Life deserves to be celebrated and that is exactly what these very human males are doing, in every sense of the word. Yep, “I’m the One” deserves to be a household favorite.