Ed Sheeran Takes the Stage in Boston

By Lesa Browning


Ed Sheeran, the fast talking ginger haired Brit that has taken a fast ride up the Billboard charts is wrapping up his North America tour right now.  Playing in large venues to mostly sold out crowds of young people, Sheeran is a one man Entertaining super hero.

With no band, no back up singers, no flashy lights or big sets for audience distraction, it is all Ed, all the time.  And you know what? It works brilliantly.  When Ed Sheeran walked on stage dressed in jeans and a red Buffalo plaid shirt he had with him a guitar and simply said “Hi, my name is Ed and I am here to entertain you tonight.”  The crowd of nearly 20,000 at the Xfinity Center went wild before he even started to sing!


The entire show, about two hours and 16 songs, was done with Sheeran up there all alone with only a guitar and a loop pedal.  With huge LED screens projecting his image behind him, he did a little drumming on his guitar and the crowd did a lot of singing along with the “ginger man” but other than that, he had no help. He didn’t need it.  I would confidently say that no one missed the lack of back up.  Sheeran’s booming voice reached the very last row of people sitting on the lawn as he sang hits from his two studio albums.

IMG_4514 IMG_4525


Ed Sheeran is young, only 23 years old, and his fans tend to be young as well.  This night was filled with a lot of parents chaperoning groups of teenage girls.  No mixed drinks were sold outside of the VIP lounge, only beer and wine and the beer lines were noticeably deserted all night.   But Sheeran’s music is not just for teenagers.  He seems to be an “old soul” of sorts with a depth to his writing ability that is deeper than his years on this planet.  Sheeran made a controversial decision to keep his latest album “Multiply” or “X” as it is often referred, clean with no explicit language. This is most noticeable on the hit single Don’t which references a break up between Sheeran and another entertainer.  In the song the “f-word” is muffled out, much to the delight I am sure of parents everywhere.  In concert Sheeran does occasionally use some curse words, including dropping a few f-bombs, but he does not belt out Don’t with full on  censorship turned off.  The young ones were pretty safe.

the passion of Ed Sheeran


All in all, it was a fantastic show.  I will absolutely make my way to another Ed Sheeran concert and I enjoy his music very much, even at the ripe old age of…. well, lets just say well over 30!

Sheeran will be headed to Europe next, but will almost certainly return to the US with more tour dates in 2015.  Check out his website for more information on further dates in a city near you.  www.EdSheeran.com