The Fall Album Has One Unfortunate Song Title

The Manchester bombing near Victoria Station is a major tragedy and it is with heavy heart that one even makes the connection to the new The Fall album’s “Victoria Train Station Massacre” song title, even though it obviously has nothing to do with it. The album called New Facts Emerge includes 11 tracks, including the aforementioned, a somewhat eerie coincidence where both the name of the album and song title are connected. Ariana Grande’s concert may have been the stage for such suffering, but the Manchester band of course had no inkling about what was to happen that day with the suicide bombing occurring in the foyer connecting Manchester Arena to the Manchester Victoria railway station. The whole thing was recorded and was off to the manufacturer long before the tragedy occurred.

The album’s artwork and track list are both available, with the former a rather interesting hand-drawn design of pink and purple fireworks in the background, the words written out in white with black lining. New Facts Emerge is expected to be released on July 28th, the band’s 32nd studio LP, via Cherry Red Records and produced by their own Kieron Melling and Mark E. Smith. Melling is on drums on the album, with Peter Greenway on guitar and backing vocals, and Dave Spurr on bass with the backdrop vocals. The band will have their first set ever at the 100 Club in London to celebrate the launch, taking place the day before release. It is a great new masterpiece and to be enjoyed despite the horror that one may think of when hearing the fourth song on the list.

The full album track includes:

  1. Segue
  2. Fol De Rol
  3. Brillo De Facto
  4. Victoria Train Station Massacre
  5. New Facts Emerge
  6. Couples Vs Jobless Mid 30s
  7. Second House Now
  8. O! ZZTRRK Man
  9. Gibbus Gibson
  10. Groundsboy
  11. Nine Out Of Ten