Fifth Harmony Album Announcement with a Fallon Debut Spot


Jimmy Fallon sees many announcements including that of singles and albums about to be released. This past week included the upcoming third studio album by Fifth Harmony, which will be available on August 25th! It is self titled, Fifth Harmony. The fantastic performance on The Tonight Show also included an interesting teaming up with Gucci Mane. We knew the album was on its way, but that it would be here in August was an unexpected and entirely pleasant surprise, adding to the summer sizzle and scorching heat. With “Down” as the top single off the album, it is sure to be a very hot ride.

Fifth Harmony is back to a five member cast with the joining of Gucci Mane in the girl band which currently consists of Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jaurgui, and Ally Brooke, after Camila Cabello’s departure. They had their 7/27 album up to 4th place on the Billboard 20 in June 2016, and now aim to top that with their upcoming masterpiece. It is hard not to fall in love with the foursome, their sass and pizzazz really working their way into your heart. As for “Down,” it sounds really nice, truly a harmony among the quartet. It is the most genuine album yet, in their own words, with so much going for it. It appears there is a battle between the rest of the group and Cabello, though, as we see the latter unfollow the band months after her taking her leave. The rest of the girls are keeping their cool and working their way up the musical ladder though, and with the album so close we can almost grasp it, it is clear that Fifth Harmony is here to stay. We look forward to hearing more of their incredible music.