Fifty Minutes with the Tuneful Tony Lucca

By Shana McDonald for Music Mix Daily


I had the delight of watching Tony Lucca, 2012 The Voice finalist, last week on, an online concert experience offering fans “a front row seat to a backstage experience.”  Lucca was no exception strumming his guitar while soulfully singing eight songs in his home and in a jam-packed fifty minutes –  giving fans an extra twenty-minute encore for what was supposed to be a thirty-minute pay-what-you-can show.  Adding to the “front row” experience, Lucca introduced fans to future musicians Sparrow Jane and Liam Gun, also known as his darling daughter and son.  Sparrow and Liam took turns playing live with several instruments to accompany their dad’s music (a bit of charming back-up vocals sprinkled about by Sparrow who changed into her adorable pink footsie pajamas about half way through the show since it was nearing her bedtime).  In addition, Lucca gave shout-outs to a few lucky fans who have been following his career for several years – including writing a song for and giving a virtual toast to a special military couple for their service and loyalty.  The melodious hour included a generous serving of songs from his freshly released self-titled album Tony Lucca including Delilah, Sparrow (written specifically for his daughter), Right on TimePaint a Picture and my personal favorite for both lyrics and catchy melody, My Confession.  This album is soulful with a foot-stomping bluegrass-meets-pop kind of way that makes you want to learn the lyrics just to sing as loudly as you can with a group of fellow Lucca fans.  Lucca is booked for an East Coast tour this coming March and funded this latest album solely with fan funds from his Kickstarter page; this speaks volumes from his loyal fan base.  After leaving Adam Levine’s label 222 Records back in 2013, he joined Patreon which employs crowdfunding to support artists work.  Tony Lucca is Lucca’s eighth full-length album and from the sound of it, it is going to be a melodious and fruitful year for him and his fans.

Shana McDonald