A Great Big World

By Lesa Browning


Last night, Minneapolis was full of crazy fun as they welcomed the antics of A Great Big World.  Ian Axel and Chad Vaccasino are a duo that met at NYU and have formed a great bond that is clear on stage. I came to town this week for several concerts at the recently renovated Mill City Nights and last night was my introduction to this fun venue.  Of course, like most of America, I have been familiar with this band for months due to the wildly popular hit single Say Something. (given a huge boost when Christina Aguilera took a liking to it and recorded it with  the band and then preformed with them on the hit show The Voice) But I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them live over New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas when they toured with Maroon 5 and Rozzi Crane. (Thank you Adam Levine!) I knew that this still somewhat unknown band had loads to offer and were a ton of fun on stage, so I was really excited to hear them headline.  They did not disappoint!  Jumping on stage and stirring things up from the very start, this was clearly going to be a party!


The guys played old and new music including the very popular Rockstar, a song that is about connecting with your inner child and chasing dreams, according to Axel.  They played a new hit,  I Really Want it and of course they encouraged us all to sing along with Say Something. A Great Big World is never quiet and chill on stage, Noooo…. Far from it!  These guys bounce and jump around like the stage is on fire.  Their energy level alone is something impressive, but what really sells the band and why they have found success is of course in their music.  This is Pop music at its finest, Pop music that tells us story after story of things that are important.

Vaccasino tells us “A huge part of why we write music is to not feel like we’re alone. We’re all just trying to feel connected; it’s a vital part of the human experience. Also, we’re secretly hoping the aliens will hear us.” This is likely where the title of their new album Is There Anybody Out There comes from.

One of the most memorable moments last night was when the band played their hilarious song Everyone Is Gay.  With boundless energy and confetti shooting off the stage they sang their hearts out while the crowd, many who were wrapping up Minneapolis’ PRIDE weekend, went wild.  It was great fun for everyone and a seriously modern message of acceptance for all.

Nicely done guys!



For loads of music and tour information, find A Great Big World online at: www.agreatbigworld.com

Check them out on Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/agreatbigworld

Greg Holden

Opening for A Great Big World was Singer/Songwriter Greg Holden.  Playing an acoustic set, Holden was fantastic.  Holden is touring this summer in anticipation of his third studio album due out at the end of the year.  He played songs old and new including his very well known multi-platinum hit Home, preformed by Phillip Phillips.  Lost Boy, made wildly popular after it aired on the hit show “Sons of Anarchy,” was also a huge hit with the crowd.   I had the chance to meet and have a quick chat with Holden after his set where he graciously signed my copy of his Vinyl and we took a quick photo.  A very nice guy who is extremely talented.  I hope you will check out his music, all can be found on www.itunes.com and www.spotify.com.

Greg Holden is very active on Instagram too:  www.Instagram.com/gregholden

Greg Holden

Greg Holden at Mill City Nights,, MN