Great New Music from MGMT to be Played on Tour


MGMT have brought us their first new songs in four years and the Internet’s ablaze with the news. Coming on the heels of the new album announcement is also word of a live tour, with the American psychedelic rock group who formed back in 2002 will be presenting older songs and newer compositions not yet released to the public. The duo, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, have really made a name for themselves with MGMT, conquering genres in psychedelic rock, indietronica, and everything in between. Unfortunately, we do not yet know when the album will be released, nor the name of the new project.

The tour kicked off last week in Memphis, Tennessee at the Beale Street Music Festival, with the promise of new songs kept. Of course, “Time to Pretend” and “Electric Feel” were also included on the songs list. In the band’s own words, they are “getting back up on the horse of live music” and have announced that they will be all over North America until September 24th, with a finale in Las Vegas. The Canadian shows will be during the month of August in Montreal and Elora.

The announcement came through email message and was quite endearing, really, albeit with major grammatical mistakes. It appears that we will be enjoying some live music before getting our hands on the upcoming album. Not a bad idea at all, MGMT!

The full announcement:

HELLO AGAIN This is definitely us, mgmt (band), and we are right here in your emails to announce personally and succinctly, to you, and you alone, as well as to all those receiving this email, that, in this the year 2017, this auspicious year, we (MGMT) are genuinely excited to tell you of our imminent and immediate return to the world and the top of the stage. In other words – we are RETURNING! Incredibly soon we will get back up on the horse of live music in Memphis, TN, the birthplace of rock and roll and the home of the blues (and formerly Andrew), and from atop this great horse we will play old songs and new songs. New songs from our new album that you will newly hear this year! Does this make any sense? What we are saying is we are about to tour around North America and also put out a new album ! If you need new mgmt merchandise to help this all make more sense, it is available right here!!! Mostly we want most of you to see us and hear us this summer and we want that too! Love mgmt