Grimes Announces New Album Drop in October

By Music Mix Daily Staff



Good news for all you Synth-Pop music lovers, as singer-songwriter Grimes is promising the release of her much anticipated fourth album in October of this year. The Canadian artist is currently on tour with Lana Del Rey and made the announcement in a short-but-sweet response to a fan on Twitter, by replying  “Oct!” She also promised that the album drop will be a surprise release, with Grimes-enthusiasts getting to hear the tracks before the press do. Go Grimes!

Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, hasn’t put out a new album since her 2012 hit “Visions,” despite an expected release date in 2014. That almost-album ended up being scrapped by Grimes herself, who felt that the album didn’t meet her anti-commercial standards. In her own, frank words, the entire album “sucked, so I threw it out and started again.” The decision came after the release of a single, Go,” which fans felt was way too radio friendly for the alternative star’s style.

While some like to say it was the fan’s negative reaction to “Go that led Grimes to starting from scratch, the young artist claims that the album wasn’t trashed for that reason and that the single “Go” was never even meant to be on the never-released album. Instead, the song was a nice thank you for her music-appreciators waiting for a new song. She told reporters at the time that “People’s opinions do not factor into my process… I’m really not that sad or insecure of a person.”

Still, we don’t know much about the content or style of the 27 year old singer’s next album, as she only mentioned cold, hard facts on Twitter. What we can be certain of is that the album will not be catering to the radio waves, but to her diehard devotees.