HAIM is Back 


HAIM is Back with “That Don’t Impress Me Much” Rendition! HAIM has been quite busy of late and that’s certainly something we are enjoying. The latest news centers around the release of a Shania Twain cover for “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” a musical classic that both older and younger generations have enjoyed for years now. The HAIM sisters recorded their version of the song for an Australian radio station called triple j, a tribute to their favorite country star who finally released her first album in 15 years. “That’s one of the boxes you have to tick if you want to date any of us. You have to be a Shania Twain fan,” Este HAIM expressed in an interview of late. The girls sound pretty amazing, with all the sass and sexy that the song asks for. 

HAIM’s new album Something to Tell You had equal success after a handful of singles releases, with the videos to “Want You Back” and “Right Now” making appearances on both Saturday Night Live and Graham Norton. With eleven incredible songs on the album, the sister trio has been rocking it the last few months. Furthermore, the first days of October were blasted with a new music video for “Little of Your Love” that is as fun as we can expect any piece from HAIM to be. Director Paul Thomas Anderson had certainly outdone himself. That sentiment also goes to the release of the short film collaboration between HAIM and said director, in the guise of Valentine, featuring in-studio footage on their performance. The Los Angeles sisters have barely stopped to breathe it seems, moving from tours into videos and album releases, giving us one incredible piece after another. Nothing could make fans happier than with such a barrage of talent constantly thrown their way.