Heart – Ann & Nancy Wilson Concert Review

By Crystal Leifheit for Music Mix Daily


I attended the Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson) concert on February 24, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the North Charleston Performing Art Center.  The concert was sold out but parking was no problem at all.  We got there at 6:45 went inside, bought a couple drinks and then stood in line to get a t-shirt.  When the doors opened we proceeded in to find our seats (Grand Tier Center, Row F, Seats 13 and 14) and get settled.  We sat for a while mingling with people around us.  Everyone kept checking their watches at 7:30 we thought the concert would start but it didn’t.  At 7:35, no concert, at 7:40 no concert and finally at 7:50 the concert began.  The stage was a simple set up but the lights changed colors throughout the show and the for the most part the lights changed to the beat of the music.  The band came on stage and started with the music, the center went dark and then Ann and Nancy appeared.  They came out strong with Barracuda.  The crowd went wild, rowing and yelling and clapping!  Much to my surprise, Ann’s voice was stunning; I thought we were at a Heart concert in 1978.  Ann was dressed in a black lace dress with knee socks and black boots.  Nancy was dressed in a black dress with red and black looking tights.  They were both very attractive and a 2015 version of them in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  They were dressed in what you would expect these hard core rocker ladies to be dressed in.  They did not run all over stage, it wasn’t the best entertainment at a concert but I was honestly in awe over how beautiful Ann’s voice was.  I mean, her voice is beautiful on the radio and very distinct but it was that same way on stage last night.  Nancy was the star on stage when she sang a Paul McCartney song and then of course her popular hit song “These Dreams”.  Nancy plays bad ass guitar!  She didn’t run all over the stage or get buck wild like I’m pretty sure she did back in the 80’s but during “Crazy on You” she did kick her feet several times and do a few skips across the stage.  Ann also played guitar during a few songs.  They introduced their band and then introduced each other (who don’t know who Ann and Nancy Wilson are?).   They played most of their big hits such as “Barracuda, Magic Man, Straight On, These Dreams, Alone, These Dreams, Heartless, If Looks Could Kill and Even it Up.  Ann and Nancy played for one hour and then left the stage after “Crazy on You”.  What, only an hour?  The crowd clapped and yelled and wanted more.  They returned to the stage a few minutes later for the encore which included three Led Zeppelin songs.  I thought it was very strange to not end with one of their songs.  I loved the concert, I wish I could explain how Ann’s voice sounded to me….she gave me cold chills and Nancy played her heart out.  What I disliked was the concert was very short with only being 1 hour and 23 minutes long and they didn’t play some of my favorite songs such as “Dog and Butterflies, Never, and Who Will You Run To.  In my opinion for the encore it would have been nice to hear maybe one or two Led Zeppelin songs and then end with one of their songs